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Bike Fitting

Retul Bike Fitting Certified


Retül is based in Boulder, CO. and has produced market leading bike fit technology since 2007. With backgrounds in cycling, triathlon, mountain biking as well as engineering, biomechanics, and sports marketing, the folks at Retül combined their passions and areas of expertise to deliver motion capture bike fit to the retail market.
Using motion capture technology, Retül records the rider’s positions in motion, creating the most realistic picture of the rider’s actual pedal strokes and body positions when out on the road and trails. An accurate measurement is cataloged at each position, as the rider pedals under different loads, which makes the Retül system more accurate than old, static approach to bike fitting.


Anyone who plans to spend any length of time riding a bicycle will benefit greatly from a professional bike fit. A proper fit can:

  • Improve overall rider comfort
  • Help prevent cycling-induced repetitive stress injuries
  • Reduce or eliminate back, knee, neck and wrist pain
  • Reduce or eliminate “hot foot”
  • Reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort and genital numbness
  • Reduce or eliminate numbness in the hands and fingers
  • Reduce rider fatigue

A good fit can also improve riding performance, because it allows the rider to use multiple muscle groups in the most effective and efficient manner

SMMCyclery Professional Package


The SMMCyclery professional fitting package goes beyond the traditional tape and plumb bobs. Session Includes the following:

  • Cyclist interview to determine type and style of riding
  • Physical assessment includes advanced structural,physical range of motion and flexibility tests
  • Pre-fitting motion capture video
  • Pre-fitting spin scan analysis
  • Foot bed recommendations
  • Cleat adjustment
  • Dynamic adjustments of:
  • Saddle fore and aft position
  • Seat height
  • Reach adjustment
  • Handlebar/stem height/fit
  • Alignment of hip, knee and foot
  • Post fitting motion capture video
  • Post fitting spin scan analysis
  • (By appointment only)

SMMCyclery Traditional Package


Our traditional bike fit is performed by our expert staff without the assistance of the Retul system using hand tools and hand measurements

Adjustment of cleats

Adjustment of saddle height

Adjustment of saddle fore/aft/tilt

Adjustment of handlebar

Adjustment of stem

(By appointment only)