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Meet Our Team

When you make a purchase from us or bring your bike in for a repair, you are everything to us. The business you give us pays our salaries, pays our rent, pays for food, and pays to keep the lights on. We appreciate each and every customer. We are honored that you would give us your business. And we'll do everything we can to earn it. And we mean that. You make everything possible. Thank you.

David on a bike

David playing banjo

David - Owner

I love bikes. If we could have a bike shop where we just give away bikes for free all day - that would be my dream job. Bikes bring joy, fitness, and camaraderie - and they're the most environmentally friendly mode of efficient travel available. Bikes are great for the people who ride them - and great for the world we live in. I presently ride an Electra Townie, a Trek Domane road bike, and a Trek Fuel EX mountain bike. I've tried racing bikes, but I'm not very fast. I did some triathlons for a while, too. I've done lots of century-style rides and I've run more marathons and trail running races than I care to admit. You'll find me in the mountains hiking or running or cycling just about every chance I get. I simply love to be outside - and a bike is one of the great ways to get outside and move. When I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2002, I fell in love with the Santa Monica Mountains - and that's where this business gets its long name. I'd be excited to share with you my favorite trails, roads, and paths for bike riding (or running, or hiking). And thank you for shopping with us. Really. You make what we do possible.

Bob on his bike


Bob - Manager

My adventure in the cycling industry began in the 70s doing odd jobs at a local bicycle shop. After a tour with the US Army I returned to bikes at a store in Simi Valley. There, I learned from an old school style mechanic with a focus on traditional European bicycles. I also worked with Diamondback/Centurion as they had a facility here the mid 80s. That led me to join a growing company in Chatsworth. I grew from a simple technician to becoming a manager, and finally owning my own store. In my 30+ years in the cycling industry I have been trained with Schwinn, Campagnolo, Univega,Trek, Mavic, DT Swiss, Rockshox, Fox, Bontrager, Thule, Bosch, and probably most others. I have a true passion for cycling. Not just racing, simply the pure joy of spending time on my bicycle. Cycling should always be easy and fun. I am happy to have shared that passion with so many amazing people for so many years. Just Ride!

Marvin on his mountain bike


Marvin - Manager

Hi, my name is Marvin. At 10 years old my brother built my first custom hard tail mountain bike and I was hooked. Around that time, friends I rode with would ask me to tune or adjust their bikes. That’s where I got my first taste of tuning bikes. It always interested me that a minor or major adjustment could translate minutes or hours on a bike. I grew up riding around trails in like Sulfur Springs, Viper, and Rocky Peak. I currently ride mountain and road. Other hobbies I enjoy are surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, fishing, scotch, whisky, and beer. I've been working in the bike industry for 15 plus years. I hold various certifications from Trek, Thule, Shimano, and I am a Bosch certified eBike mechanic.

Michael cycling with his dogs


Michael in the kitchen


I've lived most of my life in the Eastern Sierras around Mammoth Lakes, playing with mountain bikes and snowboards. Trail riding and downhilling are my favorite types of riding, but as long as there is pedaling involved I'm happy.  My all time favorite trail is Kamikaze, followed closely by Lower Rock Creek Trail. I will ride any type of bike and have a Fuel EX, Farley, Madone and Session in my quiver of bikes. I was recently certified by the United Bicycle Institute for bike repair.  I've been involved in the bike industry through riding, sales and wrenching for many years.

Robert catching air



My name is Robert M. I've been avidly riding bicycles for more than 25 years. Most of my riding has been centered around downhill racing and dirt jumping. However; between training and working as a mechanic for 17 years, I have gotten the opportunity to ride just about every type of bike that I knew of and even a few that I didn’t know exist. After chasing the the podium for many years I now find my fulfillment in fixing other peoples bikes and sharing the experience of cycling with others. When I am not turning a wrench I will still be found out on the trails enjoying some of the best riding on earth right here in our backyard.

Garth posing

Garth and his bike


Hi. I'm Garth. I am an ultra-endurance road and gravel rider. I specialize in racing extra far and collapsing in front of rural convenience stores. Distances over 200 miles are my favorite, including 24 hour time trials and bikepacking races. I'm also a big fat physics, physiology, and bike tech nerd, equipped to answer your questions about training with power meters, fueling for training and recovery, getting aero, and setting your body and bike up for competition. I generally ride with a power meter, heart rate monitor, and a Trek Checkpoint SL5 which used to race self-supported across the U.S. in June. Prior to entering the bike industry, I taught math and worked in LGBT activism.

Mason on his mountain bike



My name is Mason, I am student currently studying at the University of Denver and will be working at SMMC part time over the summer. I worked there last summer, too. I ride and race both cross country mountain bikes and road bikes. I ride a Trek Procaliber 9.6, Trek Top Fuel 9.9, and the Trek Madone 2.1. Most of my rides consist of single track trails and steep climbs. Cycling is my passion, and I hope to spread the joy of riding a bicycle to as many people as I can.

Daisy riding in a handlebar basket

Daisy posing for the camera


Hi. I'm Daisy. You might know me from Instagram. I'm down to go for a bike ride whenever - as long as I don't have to pedal. I prefer the beach path to all others, but I will accept a long ride on the Orange Line Busway bike path or around Balboa Park. There's nothing like the feeling of my hair blowing in the breeze as I ride around in my comfy basket, usually wrapped in a blanket. I know you're dazzled by my majestic tufts of glory (don't worry, you're not alone), but I'm mostly hairless you know. We're alike in that way. You and me, I mean. I'm a mostly hairless dog. And you're a mostly hairless ape. You weren't ready for that, were you. I'm so smart. I always look so cute and pretty and everyone knows it. As Head of Security for Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery, I take my job very seriously. I pledge to bark at just about anyone who comes in the store - especially loud children. Don't get me started about them. Am I rambling? Of course not. You're fascinated by every word and you wish it would never end. This is getting a bit long, isn't it. But it can't be helped. I'm just so much more accomplished than Mason and Andrew. I mean. Look at me.

Andrew riding his bike



My name is Andrew, I’m 17 and am about to graduate from El Camino Real. I was on the Mountain Bike team there and have competed in 3 different seasons of cross country racing in the SoCal league. My favorite race is in Keysville, CA and my favorite trail is Chesebro Canyon in Agoura Hills. I ride a Trek X-Caliber 9 with a custom black and pink paint job. I’ve ridden mountain bikes since 2014 and have worked at SMMC since 2018.

Parker resting



Hello. My name is Parker. People who know me well call me Roon. I don't like bikes. They scare me. But everything scares me. I used to be able to run along side my dad while he rode his bike, but I tore my ACL at the park last year and I'm currently still in recovery. I might need a basket like Daisy. I eat a lot, so please buy a lot of bicycles so my dad can afford kibble. I also enjoy eating poop - and that's free - I make it myself. But I'm not supposed to. But it tastes so good. Squirrel? Squirrel!

Keyser is happy



My name is Keyser Soze. I love running alongside my dad as he rides his bike. My favorite part is when I spot another dog on the opposite side of the bike and I violently try to cross over in front of the bike to say hello. My dad never laughs when I do that, but I think it's hilarious. Some people say my neck makes me look like Mitch McConnell. I don't see the resemblance. Also, some people are afraid of me because I'm a pit bull, but that's silly because I don't even know how to hold a ball or bone in my mouth, let alone bite someone. Have you met Daisy? She's a bully and she scares the bejeesus out of me. She's really mean and selfish. But don't tell her I said that. I do love barking at people. You'll often see me wearing a special collar that gives me a unpleasant vibration when I bark. I'm pretty dumb about most things, but I'm smart enough to know not to bark when the collar is on. But sometimes I can't help it. Oh, and I love shaking hands. I'll do it all day. With either paw. Shake?


Noonas is silly


My name is Noonas, but I also go by Chicken. I don't look like a Chicken, right? But I look exactly like a Noonas. Why Chicken, then, you ask? It's because I cluck when I'm surprised or when I get upset. And I sound like a chicken. A clucking chicken. I can't help it. I am presently 18 years old - which makes me 126 now in dog years. I've seen it all and heard it all before, so don't try to tell me anything. Also, I'm pretty much blind, but you're ugly anyway so what's the point. Not everybody can age as well as I have. I do miss looking at myself in the mirror. Enough about you. I am a happy dog and am enjoying my extended retirement. I'm too old to do much of anything besides pee, poop, eat, sleep, and repeat. And I'm missing most of my teeth. Did I call you ugly earlier? I didn't mean that. It's my meds. What are we doing here again? Where am I? Who's that? When is breakfast? Did I already get my breakfast? Which way to the outside? Or am I outside already? I think I have to pee. Or did I already pee? I need to lie down.