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Why Shop With Us?

On this page, we make the case for shopping local and shopping small when you shop for bikes and bike-related things..

We believe there's an important place in our economy and in our neighborhoods for small, locally-owned merchants and repairmen. And we want to be that for you. We want to be your local bike shop.

We also understand the convenience of online shopping. That's why we offer our catalog of over 25,000 items to you online. We understand (and reluctantly appreciate) how Amazon and other online retailers have made our lives easier as consumers. But, we think there are many reason to shop local and shop small. Let us know what you think and if there's anything we can do better!

Helping a customer

Personal Attention and Advice

Choosing the right bike isn’t always easy. These days, there is a different bike for just about every type of riding and terrain. We are friendly, helpful experts. I promise. Come in and talk to us about the kind of riding you would like to do. We will help you make the right decision. Choosing the right bike will ensure that you’ll get the most from your purchase. If you pick the right bike, you’ll enjoy riding it. And, if you enjoy riding it, you’ll ride it more often. If you pick the wrong bike, it might languish, covered in dust, in your garage. And nobody wants that.

Mountain bike

Quality Products

The bikes you’ll find here are usually better quality bikes than you’ll find online, at department stores, or at big box retailers. Why? Most of the best bike manufacturers only sell their bikes through local, independent shops. Why would they do that when they might be able to sell so many more bikes online or at Wal-Mart and Costco? It’s because they recognize the importance of dedicated specialty shops. They count on these shops to educate their customers on the value and features of their bikes. And they trust these shops to build, fit, and service those bikes properly and professionally.

A bike in pieces

A Professional Bike Build

When a bike arrives here at our shop or at your local Target or at your home if you bought it online, it’s in a box full of parts. Some of it is partially assembled in a far-away factory, but it needs a good amount of work and fine-tuning to get it ready and safe to ride. Whom do you trust to build your bike? Here at SMMC, your bike will be assembled by an experienced professional mechanic and test-ridden for safety. When you go out for your first ride, you can be confident that the bike is safe. (also, if you bought a bike online or somewhere else and you need help with assembly / tuning – we are happy to perform that service, too).

Person getting a bike fit

A Professional Bike Fitting

Bikes come in difference sizes. Then, within each size, the bike needs to be adjusted to the individual rider. If you buy the wrong size or don’t get a proper fit, you probably won’t be happy with your bike. When the bike is set up perfectly for you, you’ll be comfortable and happy – and you’ll ride it a lot more. And, if you’re a rider for whom speed matters, a properly fit bike will make you faster. When you buy your bike from us, a bike fit is included with the purchase of your bike. Further, if you need additional guidance on how to use the bike, we are happy to teach you about how to use the shifting, the brakes, and other essential features.

A very broken bicycle!

Expert Repair Technicians

Bikes, much like cars, need maintenance. Some maintenance can be performed at home, like keeping the right amount of air in your tires, cleaning the bike, and lubing the chain. We can teach you how to do those things. More complex repairs and maintenance should be performed by experienced mechanics. We are such people. Furthermore, when you buy a bike from us, we offer free adjustments for one year after your purchase – as well as a free Deluxe Tune Up ($129 value) at the end of your first year.

Cycling Accessories

The Right Accessories

When you get a new bike, you’ll likely need some other items to maximize your enjoyment of it. We can help. The right pair of gloves can help with numb fingers. The right pair of shorts can literally save your butt. A good set of lights and a properly fitting helmet could save your life. A well-stocked flat/repair kit could save you from an Uber ride home. The right bike rack for your car can make getting to the trail so much easier. Or maybe you just want some flashy, fancy socks to match your new ride? Whatever you need, we have the expertise and the selection to help you.

Group ride in front of store

Enhancing Your Community

We are also a hub for the local cycling community. We can tell you about where to ride, about local events, and about local clubs and teams. We also host clinics and classes about bike safety, bike handling, bike repair, and bike maintenance. We host rides. We also give back to our community in other ways: We've worked with local elementary schools to help get more kids on bikes. We've taught local Boy Scout troops about bike safety. We've donated bikes to the local Boys & Girls Club for kids in need. We sponsor a mountain bike team at a local high school. We give raffle items to fundraisers for local schools. We're a regular (very small) contributor to the Santa Monica Mountains Fund and Trail Council. And we’re always looking for opportunities to do more, within our means. That’s how communities work! Let us know if you have a bike-related, local project and you'd like to involve us.

Staff collage


You can also get to know the people who work here. We are all passionate about cycling and excited to talk about it with anyone. Our staff doesn’t turn over at the same high rate as the big box retailers, so can get to you know us. We’ll recognize you when you come in the door. In these days of the Internet and Big Box domination, you might find it nice to have a small, welcoming place to go where everybody knows your name. And we’re always glad you came. You are welcome to stop by and say hello and check out the newest gear – even when you don’t have any plans to buy anything new. Or, imagine you find yourself out riding and want to refill a water bottle. Someday, a drone sent by will fly up to you to refill it for you, but in the meantime, feel free to stop by along your ride.

Part of a community

A Vibrant Local Economy

Do you want to make a difference in the local economy and in the lives of your neighbors? When you make a purchase from us, you change our day. You get noticed. You get remembered. When you shop local and shop small, your money matters. The money you spend helps to pay the rent. Your money keeps the lights on. Your money pays the salaries of people working here. And then we, in turn, use that money to shop locally and the cycle continues. Pun intended. We use the money you spend with us to pay for tuition. To buy stuff for our kids. To go out to eat at local restaurants. Your money keeps us in business, keeps your street and sidewalk clean, and helps sustain a vibrant community. When you shop local, you make a difference. Plus, we pay our local sales tax that funds your state and local government.

Group ride on mountain bikes


Don’t assume that you’ll get the better deal online. Give us a chance. You might be surprised to discover that we are competitive with online prices, especially when you factor in the value of the products we are selling and other services provided. We also have a low price guaranty if you find the item for less elsewhere. We will basically match any price if it’s above our cost. And, in the end, maybe you’ll find some satisfaction in supporting your local bike shop and contributing to your community and local economy.